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The best beer glasses for the festive season!


For the festive season, these cleverly designed glasses will make all the difference! While the bars are not about to reopen, (see more information here), we have found a great offer to compensate at home.
Indeed, for the holidays, we suggest you invest in these beer glasses with an intelligent design. No more going back and forth to delight your guests, these specially designed beer glasses will allow you to carry four at once. Discover them in the video below: 

Link to video: http://www.letribunaldunet.fr/insolite/biere-design-verre-fetes.html

Les best beer glasses for the holidays! No more coming and going to bring all the glasses to your table. The "Super schooner" will change your life.
Anyone who has ever tried to carry 4 glasses of beer in one go will find this a great idea.

Designed by the Australian restaurant chain Mérivale, these beer glasses have a design that allows you to carry 4 at a time, as each glass has been designed as a quarter circle. By bringing the 4 glasses together, it is possible to grasp them with both hands without the risk of losing beer on the way.

 The 4 glasses together then look like a pint but will allow everyone to have their own. However, this limits the capacity of the glasses. They are 285 ml. In total, the quantity in the 4 glasses is more than one liter.
Available for deliveryThese glasses were first used at The Vic On The Park bar in Marrickville (Australia). However, if you are interested, they are available on the ecobeer.fr website. They are sold at 15.99 euros for delivery within 6 to 14 days.

This can be a great Christmas gift for beer lovers or a New Year's essential.Also read: To steal alcohol bottles in a hypermarket, they use a very astonishing method! Published by Romane on 28 Nov 2020 

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