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by emmanuel michelin November 27, 2020


Anyone who has ever tried to wear 4 glasses at once will quickly understand the genius of this idea. Designed by the Australian restaurant chain Merivale, these beer glasses have a specific design that allows you to carry 4 at once.

No more going back and forth to the bar to bring all the glasses to your table. With these glasses called "Super schooner", one trip will suffice. Each glass has been thought of as a quarter of a circle and you just need to bring the 4 beers together to be able to grip them with both hands, without any risk of dropping a passage.

Glasses which obviously have a more limited capacity, here 285 ml, but which surprise by their ingenious simplicity. These “Super schooners” will be used for the first time at The Vic On The Park bar in the city of Marrickville (Australia) for the last match of the State of Origin, a rugby league competition, on November 25, 2020 For the curious, the glass is available on the site.